Alta Archaeological Consulting, LLC (ALTA) offers simple cultural resource management solutions for the complex regulatory framework. ALTA provides cost effective assistance for compliance with the requirements applicable to your project. Our staff has extensive experience on utility surveys and site inventory, cannabis permitting projects, bridge replacements, feasibility studies, Section 106 compliance, State Historic Preservation Office requirements, research designs, Timber Harvest Plans, City and County permitting requirements, large and small scale data recovery, and more. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects for private individuals and federal and state agencies throughout California.

ALTA staff are Registered Professional Archaeologists.  The business is certified as a Woman-Owned Small Business Enterprise (WBE) by the California Public Utilities Commission, a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE #45327) by the California Unified Certification Program, a Woman-Owned Small Business Enterprise (WOSB) by the Small Business Administration, and a Small Business (SB #1754289) by the Department of General Services. ALTA also holds a variety of local government and private certifications.

An abbreviated version of ALTA's statement of qualifications is provided below. Our staff is able to provide you with additional detail tailored to your requirements. 

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Contractor Identification

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Technical Capabilities

ALTA staff have been providing archaeological and cultural resources services for a wide range of projects for over two decades. Our staff includes prehistoric and historic archaeologists, and historic preservationists who meet the Secretary of Interior Qualification Standards. These key personnel have years of experience conducting archaeological field investigations, as well as preparing the myriad of technical, regulatory, and planning documents in California. The ALTA cultural resources team has long excelled in providing archaeological consulting services for public and private sector clients. We currently have numerous as-needed contracts with agencies throughout California, and understand the commitment and requirements to provide high quality defensible deliverables, in a timely and cost effective manner.

ALTA cultural resources staff has distinguished themselves by providing top-quality consulting services within the fields of prehistoric archaeology, historical archaeology, and history. We are experienced in all major technical areas of archaeological review, from initial feasibility studies and regional overviews; to comprehensive field studies including inventories, testing, geoarchaeological, and data recovery investigations; to final phases of project implementation focused on the development of management and mitigation plans. ALTA maintains a state-of-the-art GIS infrastructure, including GPS devices (Trimble GeoX7, as well as the latest ESRI Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and analysis tools. We use high precision map grade Trimble products for GPS data collection and post processing. ALTA’s technical staff has experience with a wide range of GIS utilities, techniques and software including the most recent version of ESRI ArcGIS.

To ensure the success of each project, ALTA uses automated project and budget tracking software, which makes project management clear and organized. As a result, tasks are efficient and project administration costs are minimal. ALTA is capable of successfully managing multiple concurrent field operations.

Alta completes all phases of conventional cultural resource investigations including:

  • Records searches at the California Historical Resources Information System (CHRIS)

  • Field Survey, test excavations, data recovery

  • Preparation of research designs and treatment plans

  • Geoarchaeology, predictive modeling and buries site potential

  • project planning and feasibility studies

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) recording of cultural properties and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and analysis

  • Consultation with government agencies and Native American Groups

  • Construction Monitoring

Key Personnel 

ALTA currently maintains  full-time staff and part-time employees on an as needed basis. ALTA believes in providing qualified local personnel the opportunity to work as field crew. 

Past Performance                          

ALTA staff has extensive experience conducting cultural resource services in California for private, local, state and federal agencies in order to satisfy the various requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Section 106 of the NHPA, and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The studies were reviewed and approved by various regulatory agencies including:

Client References

ALTA has many repeat customers and partnering relationships. Contact us for project descriptions or reference contact information. Below is an abbreviated list of ALTA clients.